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We work together to connect ideas, with people in order to take action, to create a better world for everyone.

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Action must be animated by a clear understanding of the ideas. Through research, discussion, analysis, publishing, sharing and questioning we can work together to search for the truth. By sharing and connecting based upon our increasing level of understanding, we can build a new world that is free and fair for everyone. Open iPub is evolving into a community, with your help, to enable us to connect around ideas, to be able to discuss them together, and build upon them so that we all can start to take more action.

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Our open source publications, articles and books are a great way to further your journey into the world of ideas that can then animate action. Have something to say, publish it here instantly.

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Share your ideas and connnect with others, locally or from around the world.

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We work together to draw out of the universe of ideas, the points of connnection and the universal thruths that bind us all together.

We Believe in Love

By working together we build the bonds of universal connection that is the true reality of our precious island in space, our shared planet earth!


Check out some of our most popular works and get in on the discussion.

Sun Rise

Your complete guide to sustainable living

Sailing Along Around the World

Captain Joshua Slocum

Fifty Essays

George Orwell


Henry David Thoreau


Ralph Waldo Emerson

Leaves of Grass

Walt Whitman

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