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Solar Village -
How to Get to 100% Renewable Energy


We start the discussion of the necessary transformation to a world that uses 100% renewable energy with Food because it is the most essential and lately least considered. Growing, harvesting, transporting, purchasing and consuming food has been a primary concern of humans since time immemorial. For most of that history these activities have been the challenge of survival for societies, one which they achieved within the natural bounds of daily solar input. Only recently has the entire agricultural "revolution" destroyed this sustainable solar food system. As the natural limits of the non-renewable resources of oil so heavily enslaving farmers reaches peaks of cost and devestation (pesticides, herbicides and water shortage/drought), as it is starting to do, a return to solar methods is inevitable. The question is only how and when, with dire consequences if we don't act quickly to prevent the pending economic instability that our forsight tells us leads to famine and in turn war. Nothing emboldens the desparate more than a lack of affordable and available food, simply look at history, even recent history like the revolution in Egypt in 2011 that toppled decades of dictatorship sponsored and supported by the US. Beyond that, the lightning rod of war and chaos can be the result, as seen throughout history, when people are deprived of this most essential fuel for living. This section will deal with the sustainable means of producing and distributing food entirely using the ancient systems of solar energy exclusively for food production and consumption globally.


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Please read our Terms of Service which you agree to by using our services.