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Of the eternal question why
While you flit and fly

Oh Butterfly
Power to change
Fear is the great unknown
It must be vanquished
To what end 
Anger sadly fills the void

There is no possession
Only sharing

I come back to where I’ve been to see where I’ve gone
Memories, the pure euphoria
Simple playful happiness

I worship in the cathedral of the sun dappled forest
Just imagine that, the sun powers everything in our world
If we give her a chance to grow
Diversify and thrive
She has and would inspire

I love the long walk through nature
Wandering lost in the garden of nature is pure joy
My heart does sing

Tree filled parts of the city
Oasis of old vine covered cottages in the mature park
Twittering birds as my sound track
There are so many hidden gardens
Places we should explore

This is heaven right here and now
If we have the wisdom to see and feel it

Independently happy, but to share happiness that is very special 
A peaceful soul with a passion for true justice
Nature rules, intelligence is built in, finding her in everything

Freedom to be just as I am
Tortured souls lost in the darkness
See the light

There is this great joy and happiness in simply exploring the life we have
Simple powers in our beautiful moving bodies

For the love of life that is our journey


Copyright 2018 John Wilson

Photo Credit:

Charles J Sharp [CC BY-SA 3.0 ], from Wikimedia Commons



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Please read our Terms of Service which you agree to by using our services.