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Dancing our way to a renewable future

March 5, 2015

TORONTO, ON – Inspiring. Uplifting. Sun-sational. Just a couple words that describe what's happening in Toronto right now. For the first known time in Canadian history, an indoor dance production being put on by Zata Omm Dance Projects will be using 100% solar energy to power the show thanks to the support from Better Current and Kortright Centre, including kinetic energy from the dancers and audience.

The production is completely fuelled by renewable energy, which merges dance, technology and science. Produced with Harbourfront Centre's World Stage in association with York University + Aesthetic Studio, the vox:lumen world premiere will be held at 8pm each night from March 4 – 7th, 2015.

The dance will compel audiences to consider how we might create a healthier city, nation and planet for our descendants. Outside the theatre, solar panels and battery systems will be generating and storing energy from the sun and wheeled in for the hour-long show to power the lighting and audio for the evening. The dance will show people that solar energy has the power to run the world we live in, from powering mobile devices and events such as the vox:lumen dance production, to our homes, cities and countries.

Come check a great performance and see what the future of our planet has in store. For tickets to the show go to the Harbourfront Centre ticket office. If you can't make the show but want to support the dance, check out their Indiegogo campaign.


Since 1986, World Stage has evolved into Canada's most diverse season-length international contemporary performance series. Every year, Harbourfront Centre brings innovative and groundbreaking performance leaders from both the international and local arts community to World Stage. Committed to bold curation and audience accessibility, World Stage programming continues to foster opportunities for cultural development and the artistic exchange of ideas. Following last year's Dora Mavor Moore Award-winning season, World Stage 2015 features nine groundbreaking international contemporary performance works, welcoming artists and productions from England, France, Switzerland, Australia, Belgium, United States and Canada.



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