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Destruction of the mental environment

Conceivably the internet and mobile technology revolutions empower the individual to produce and deliver content in competition with large powerful media. It does. On the other hand, most media that people "consume" comes from the large power media companies that are mentioned constantly in the media. We all know their names.

Media now encompasses TV, internet to desktop/laptop computer screen, mobile internet, radio, newspapers and magazines. You can just imagine what the majority of this content consists of. At work, there is no doubt a mix of useful business information, content and applications required to conduct day-to-day operation. Before and after work, that content from media sources consists of "entertainment", "news", social media, entertaining shared videos and games.

Then today you get this, a study on where we spend our time with "screens".

For the business community this is important information regarding where advertising revenue is now going, which is of course what media is really all about when it comes from media companies.

What is spending 11 hours and 52 minutes watching screens paid for by advertising doing to us? First of all, that amount of time leaves little room for socializing much less thinking, it could be argued. If this is what the adults in the US are doing, what are their kids, who seem to spend even more time online doing to their minds?

Looked at in a certain way, this research suggests we are creating a world in which people spend their entire lives plugged-in to a few large media companies. Think of it. Imagine being able to get your "consumers" to spend their entire day consuming your advertising, and content designed to help sell that advertising, all day, every day. If that doesn't constitute a form of brain washing and thought control, I don't know what does.

Try this. No more TV. No more internet. Stop using your phone. Get rid of your tablet. No more newspaper. No listening to the radio. From this day forward you are forbidden from enjoying any of these sources of media entertainment and "information". Could you do it? How would it change your life? What would be the impact if you actually were able to do it over many years? Maybe you think it would be easy. Maybe you think it is absurd and pointless as you rationalize the entertainment or news information value that you get out of it. Nevertheless, stop cold turkey. Feel what that feels like. Get through the first few weeks. It is an addiction, so it isn't going to be easy.

Consider the trajectory as well. How are we going to cram more media into our lives as we have over the last three years. We've got very little time left to sleep, eat, socialize, be creative, build things, enjoy nature and actually live a productive life. 

Do we think this causes problems? What do we do about this? 



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Please read our Terms of Service which you agree to by using our services.