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Energy is Intelligence

Why is energy so important to every living thing on earth? Why is energy the determining factor in civilization? Why has energy played the most critical role in industrial revolution? What is energy?

Energy according to Einstein is equivalent to mass (times the speed of light squared, oddly enough). We are all familiar with that most famous of all equations:

E = mc2


E (energy) = m (mass) c2 (speed of light multiplied by itself)

This is summarized as mass energy equivalence, as in they are equilvalent, the same. What is mass? Mass is resistance to being accelerated by force, it is a body of energy that has coelesced according to some universal rules built into the universe, or perhaps one could say, intelligence. Mass is the incarnation of energy in physical form according to laws that govern energy in the universe. This leads me to state that Energy is Intelligence. Energy, in theory, exploded from an infintesmially small beginning, at the formation of our universe, in the so called "Big Bang". All the energy in the universe existed at that time and can neither be created nor destroyed. For more than 14 billion years since that event energy has been playing out the built-in intelligence that energy embodies in our universe. The only other element that we perceive through our use of energy, through our consciousness, which is made possible by energy and matter, is time. Time is related to energy by the fact that the speed of light is a value that is measured in distance divided by time. Thus it seems to me, we have intelligence realized through time in energy.

Energy, matter, intelligence and time. Energy is Intelligence. What does this mean for human existence over time?

Practically speaking it means that energy is the life-blood of everything. Energy is the economy. Energy is power. Energy is control. Control over energy means control over society. Centralized control over energy creates tyranny, the control of our world by an elite, fewer than perhaps 100 people, making democracy impossible, a sham, an illusion that we can see in the media controlled "elections" that are won by the candidates backed by vested interests, an elite few who control the largest multi-national corporations, that pay money to political parties and candidates to secure their vested interests.

Our only hope for survival rests in a rapid, we have less than ten to twenty years, move towards distributed renewable energy. In order to make democracy possible, in order to re-distribute real power and control, in order to make real equality possible, we must rapidly distribute independent renewable energy systems to every person on earth. Without energy nothing works. Without distributed renewable energy nature will be destroyed and democracy and equality a dream never realized.

This is the only hope for preventing both climate and economic catastrophe. Fewer than 100 elite will need to be sacrificed. In this classic dilemma the case is easy to make. These 100 elite will not give up their control without a fight. They will use their control over the majority of existing energy supplies, the media and politics to do everything in their power to resist. The future will be won by fighting for our independent control over our energy future which represents our equal control over resources (mass) and equal control, through real democracy, over our social relations, a form of evolving intelligence that we've only just begun to understand. This is our ultimate destiny.


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