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Time came to
Pack up the truck
This day actually arrived
We made it this far
Farther than we imagined
Around another bend
Along the road a bit farther
There the camp sites lay
Carved from the long grass
Covering the hill
With the loving sound of camp all around
Blue sky, setting golden sun
Sweet smells of the wild grass
Along the path, almost made it
Happy times seem so close
Where are we really going
Now we forgot the tickets 
Back to our castle in the grass
Back to the earth, sweet summer air
Heat is upon us, let us breathe
We lay down to rest, to sleep
Arm in arm, face to face
We made it this far
Awoken early so far away we go
Back to the farm that made us
We turn and turn, til the job is done
Making the living world evolve
Sunlight left to dry out the waste
We churn and work and return
Where are we now
What are we doing here
Who are all these people all around
Finding our way around the hillside
Here some poets, there some musicians 
People, here, there and everywhere
Finding our Prince of Will
Voice of the spirit of earth
Deep earthly life sung slowly
Trying to find each other
There you are now, right there
Remembering you, remembering me
Real food cooked for real people
Wafting smells of curry, sweet spices 
All around we truly eat together
Sharing who we really are
Thirsty and hungry for that connection
Looking at times for that other friend
Sleeping away that afternoon
Napping in heavenly peace
Together as one
Time for a swim
Floating free, sun shine on me
I am cold but I am happy
Lovers in the waters of the lake
Floating in each other's arms
Carried away by the streaming beams of light
I see you so clearly now
You are so much there for me
We swim as one together now
Another day has arrived
She sleeps outside on the open grass
So naturally beautiful 
So intrinsically a part of leaves of grass
Together we sit in the shade 
Sipping our coffee as the sun rises up
We shall follow the sun this day
What will we discover this day
Walking, talking, holding hands, hugging
I see there the heart, the radiant heart 
Of the great goddess in the ancient tradition
This is the way we were supposed to see
We fight on and on for the rights of our brothers and sisters
When all hope is gone, packed up all bags, and gone away
Fight for the union of all people everywhere
Solidarity through time with those that we all are
Awaiting the grand prince of ecological spirituality of science
Mixed with human emotional sensitivity
We are all part of this whole world
Linked together in the songs that we sing
Connected through the dance of life
We are all one, we are peace, we are love
Truth is we are all of this for a time
And then again we come together as one
Together we sing the songs of freedom
Dancing in time with the flow of life
Together as one we worship the spirit of truth
High and intoxicated by each other
Sugar waffles, chocolate sweetness
Higher and higher we fly
Makes me so scared to think we had all this
Wild and free, singing and dancing with the stars
Living this earthly life fully and completely
When you feel this happy
Glimpsed this view of the world from so high above it all
We were here, we sang the songs to the stars
That night we came together in the dance of life
Freely and completely
Sweet smell of the wild grass again
Back along the path of life
To where it all began
With you and me, under these stars



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