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How Permaculture Turned My Life Upside Down

Several years ago I took a course on Permaculture. It was lead by Jessica Roder. For me, having ready books on sustainability, and even the Permaculture Handbook, it was this course lead by Jessica that really made me realize how much nature has to teach us. Permaculture is the closest scientific approach to applying natures principles to the basic realities of human life. Check out this video introduction to Jessica Roder and how permacultured turned here life upside down.

Jessica Roder Robertson - owner

My passion for the natural world infuses all that I do. I am heavily influenced by childhood summers spent in a canoe in the wilderness of northern Canada, as well as work on my uncles farms. This calling led me to complete degrees in biology and outdoor experiential education from Queen’s University, and later a master’s in city planning at the University of Manitoba. Wild Craft Permaculture is the next step on my journey, and was started in 2011 as a way of further merging my values with my work so that I can contribute to both grassroots personal sustainability, and community scale resilience. 

After wrapping up some community economic development work in good ol’ Winnipeg I was lured to the metropolis of Edmonton Alberta to work as the head planner and sustainability specialist at ONPA Architects. There, I was able to affect much positive change in the city both through an award winning urban revitalization project, The Quarters, in downtown Edmonton, and through my extracurricular legacy, Operation Fruit Rescue of Edmonton. Other exciting work conducted there was with ONPA’s sister company, Pivot. Through a National Research Council grant we were able to research and publish a book on regenerative design and develop an extremely complex matrix of indicators to test new community scale projects for sustainability on a variety of different factors from food security to water efficiency.

After applying permaculture principles to my work as an urban planner for over 2 years I took my Permaculture Design Certificate with Verge Permaculture in the summer of 2010. This incredible course made me reconsider how I spend the rest of my life energy. A desire to be closer to family led me back to Ontario and the birth of Wild Craft Permaculture ensued. I have felt very welcomed in my neighbourhood of Wortley Village, and love London’s river trail system, vibrant downtown, and Carolinian forest ecosystem. My daughter and our three dogs can often be found foraging for wild edibles in The Coves near our home.



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