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Open Source World

Power corrupts. Corruption is a human created evil that benefits only the few who through competition gain power. Property is theft. The medium is the message. What does this really mean?

Cooperation, collaboration and sharing make equality and equity and balance possible, as we find it in nature.

Open source energy is the building block of freedom. Solar energy, energy from the sun, just as it is for all life in nature, is equitably and equally distributed around our spherical globe. Through closed loop cycles the never ending influx of sunshine keeps the system in perfect harmony. Through symbiotic relationships, energy, matter, and the rules of the universe, with great wisdom, we make possible an evolution towards a future without power and privilege. Freedom is our ultimate destiny. Freedom has the potential, combined with our social responsibilities for each other and the natural world that sustains us, to unleash our unlimited creative potential with the wisdom of limits imposed by our increasing understanding of our ultimate destiny and purpose within the universe.

By sharing everything openly and freely we create an open source world. In this non-hierarchical open society of one world thinking we create the necessary potential for each individual to voluntarily work together with others, sharing everything that is available in abundance, freely. In free association decisions are made using consensus and direct democracy instead of the lie that is representational democracy. Technology makes this possible but it is the human ability to harness ideas that makes possible, when we share them in an open source world, freely, for the flourishing of each persons full creative potential.

This freedom and sharing requires that we break down the terrible limiting barriers we've imposed on ourselves in the form of private and public tyrannies. Elites have continued their selfish ways in the creation of private corporations that serve as institutionalized externalizing machines that care nothing for nature nor the slave labor they employ. Elites maintain these institutional insanities by buying elections in our representationaly democractic system that sees us vote every few years for the party that pays the most on advertising.

In the twin terrors of nuclear annihilation and global climate distruction, we see vividly the disconnect between the institutional natures of the corpo/government system that, with the elites that control their growing power, resists the most obvious and clear threates to our continued existence on this planet and any hope for future generations. This great evil goes largely unchallenged. Can we not see that the system perpetuated by the most powerful in our society will doom us as that is their institutional nature, to grow, like a cancer, uncontrolled and unregulated, and withour our consent?

What are you doing about it to change the system? Do something. Do something powerful despite how hopeless the situation must seem.


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Please read our Terms of Service which you agree to by using our services.