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Our path in life

by John Wilson

Image: The Love of Paris and Helen by Jacques-Louis David

So strange and wonderful are the twists and turns
Shiny lights, glimmering waters, twinkling stars above
As we look back at what has been so precious
Getting so high I've lost my way
Ruby lips, so much did I desire
And yet, somehow retained control
Where is home, and how can I ever find it

As you reached out your hand, to hold mine, touching me
That first time in the place you ripped up the letter rules
Shattering every nerve in my body
As I became dizzy with hope and desire
You who I'd loved unconditionally for so long
That quick wit, that smile, that energy,
You who I admire so much, who I adore
I want so much to care for you, be there for you

A kiss that came so unexpectedly, 
The thrill of which is never ending
So much to try to understand
Do i really know what love is
Time to do the right thing for everyone

To touch and hold, to be with you
Laying side by side for the first time
Such deep kisses, searching, exploring
Feeling so much, such loving happiness

Confronting all that has been
Reaching for the reasons why
Trying to understand it all
Not knowing what is truly right
How can I deal with all this feeling
I've never felt like this before

You, you are there, and you give me meaning
You light up this world like nothing I've ever known
You meet me at your door, take me in
We slowly explore each others sensitivities
Getting closer to each other, closer than anyone, ever

We are dancing around and around
Through the ups and downs we feel so deeply
We cry together as we feel that pain
We laugh together  as we feel that joy
We are on our path in life
Holding each other closer and closer
Getting deeper and deeper together
It feels right and true to love
I love you

Copyright © 2017 John Wilson

Photo Credit: Jacques-Louis David [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons



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Please read our Terms of Service which you agree to by using our services.