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Peoples Grand Strategy

April 29, 2015
by John Wilson

"The medium is the message."
- Marshall McLuhan

"The medium is the message" is a phrase coined by Marshall McLuhan meaning that the form of a medium embeds itself in the message, creating a symbiotic relationship by which the medium influences how the message is perceived. Since perception is reality this changes everything.

The rise of techno-society and the approach of "intelligent" machines and robotics means that we are approaching a symbiotic relationship with a new kind of being. At the same time as this new being approaches consciousness, humanity, homo sapiens ("wise-man"), approaches transhumanism, the integration of intelligent machines with humans. Most importantly these natural evolutionary transformations of intelligence and consciousness requires humanity to realize the hope in our latin name. We must find the wisdom to resolve the greatest threats to our future existence and evolution. We must attain a new collective form of consciousness and culture to resolve the root causes of poverty (inequality), global warming and nuclear annihilation.

Building upon the idea that the medium is the message, we must build a culture that is deeply aware of the technological impacts of the mediums changing all around us, and through an:

  • open
  • free
  • collaborative
  • organized
  • developing
  • evolving
  • progressive
  • democratic
  • sharing

of our collective and deepening wisdom. This falls within the founding principles of Open iPub.

At the same time we must continue to evolve our physical experimentation within this evolving collective wisdom, in the form of communities that think globally and locally, that create and evolve the new techno-society, in collaboration and deep understanding of ourselves, of new and existing forms of intelligence, and of the emerging transhuman, as well as deepening our inclusion of all other species on earth, and ultimately of all matter. This is the physical and material experimentation in the real world informed by the new wisdom of our symbiotic relationships with nature, inherent intelligence in the universe combined with the energy that makes matter reality. This falls within the founding principles of Solar Village.

Wisdom, if we can find it and share it equally, has the potential to allow us to create a common global community, powered by solar and renewable resources, that gives individuals power and therefore freedom over their lives, while at the same time making our global community workable on the basis of equality and justice for everyone. This being true, working with you, we envision two projects to further this thinking and action. The first is Open iPub a free open source wisdom sharing system. The second is Solar Village, model communities built around the world that take the principles of true freedom, justice, equality and power and make them reality within the bounds imposed by nature.

Projects we want you to help make the peoples grand strategy reality:

Open iPub - share freely the collective conciousness and cultural and social thinking and wisdom that will help address the root causes of peoples slavery

Solar Village - through community building, using off-grid solar technology (Better Current), local permaculture farming, and solar powered transportation systems, integrated with social conciousness building regarding a new one-world culture that is prepared for the understanding of new forms of intelligence and transhumanism, where abundance and resilience are built in, where sharing, freedom and direct democracy work on behalf of everyone equally

Join me in one or both of these projects. Contact me at this email address today and let me know how you imagine participating to make these projects happen.

John Wilson


Photo Credit:

By T1NH0 (T1NH0 (talk)) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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