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Solar CondoSolar Cities

Just as easily the title of this article could be future cities. Solar cities are those communities that are showing leadership in the race to prevent global warming so that future generations have a future. Individuals and groups in cities all around the world are making the switch to solar.

Solar is the opportunity of the century. It is also an imperative for our survival. In less than ten years our current consumption of fossil fuels will lock in catastrophic global warming unless individuals, communities and cities make the switch to 100% renewable energy. Many studies prove it is possible. One of the most recent was research published by a Stanford University Professor Jacobsen.

Canada has come late to the solar cities imperative. Halifax in eastern Canada on the Atlantic coast has started to make large strides towards a future powered by the sun. According to a recent newspaper report Halifax now meets the ten criteria required for Solar City status.

The Canadian Solar Cities Project gives the title of “solar city” based on 10 criteria that include having a climate-change plan in place, targets for renewable-energy use, and policies and incentives for solar electricity and solar thermal use for both commercial and residential ratepayers.

Halifax would now qualify as a solar city under the organization’s criteria, and there are a handful of other municipalities, says CSCP executive director Bob Haugen. “There’s growing momentum,” he says. As recently as a decade ago having a solar panel on your roof would brand you as a “green hippie,” Haugen says, but today “it’s become very mainstream.”

Read more in this Globe and Mail newspaper article:


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