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We Must Tell the Story of Amazing Ideas

By Kegan Stedwell

Social change has NEVER originated from the middle of society, and has always come from the fringe. So if you've never felt like you fit in, what are your ideas?

The reason this paradigm will collapse is it no longer has good ideas. And we have so many GREAT ideas, much much better ideas than to strip the planet bare, kill the surface of earth and everything on it while causing untold psychological damage during the last swan dive off the cliff. 

Yawn. Boo-oring.

I say we treat everyone really nice, as Russell Brand suggested. We declare war to be ILLEGAL. We turn our military into firemen and send them around the planet to help those in peril. No more soldiers coming home and killing themselves, because we will make them true heroes, heroes in their own hearts and in the eyes of those they have helped. The US army becomes a rescue squadron and instead of inventing the next flesh eviscerating weapons and delightful ways and reasons to use said weapons, develop ways to aid massive rescues, or relocation operations, toxic/disaster cleanup etc. Whatever is needed.
Make all education Free.

Healthcare is covered.

Fund community innovative projects, and ideas that better the quality of life for all who live. Start with helping the people and places most in need at home, clean up our severely neglected infrastructure and local governments, start to build foreign relations by developing collaborative and beneficial relationships with countries in the world. Build schools, for REALS,yo, aid with infrastructure whatever is needed and being requested by the communities.

Train/educate more social workers and teachers.
We treat drug addicts as sick instead of criminal, start with basing it on Portugal, and develop a humanitarian way to house and give the addict their drug and then a chance to live a decent respectable life that would be supported and could eventually eliminate the need for theft, prostitution and other harms to society.

So in saying we would need to create a society that gives to itself. Everyone gives back. In fact slowly as we develop these ideas into reality, we build up our new structure.

If debt is erased and we start fresh, people could pursue things that they loved to do or that they liked to do to give back. Study music. Help children. Teach. Do comedy, write code for games, garden, raise kids. Work on zero point energy and all alternative energy projects that will free us from oil and coal. 

We work 3 days a week unless we want to work more because we are a gung-ho marine biologist who love what they do, or an inventor…The other 4 days a week is to develop ourselves and nurture our relationships with our families, friends and cohabitors.

Every job should work towards creating good in the world, not lying to you about a product that is made from terrible labor conditions and is ALSO terrible for your health….Every Corporation has to first, do no harm. 

Elections are publicly funded, and women and men are required to represent 50% + 50%. People can be drafted to serve elected positions if the population wants this.

I could go ON and on…. Thank you Chris and TruthDig for talking about the need to get our vision together, and figure out a picture that could possibly work. 

If we don't change the story, we are soon to be all finished, on this planet anyway. I believe we have so many AMAZING and innovative ideas, we all need to start spreading them if we got 'em. We have everything to gain.



This article was originally posted as a comment to a Chris Hedges video on

Chris Hedges on Invisible Revolutions and the Collapse of Ruling Institutions

Photo Credit:

Photograph Andrew Dunn, 04:59 BST, 21 June 2005.

Photograph Andrew Dunn, 04:59 BST, 21 June 2005.



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