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Where in the world are we going?

400,000 march in NY 2014

What kind of world do you live in? Do you live in a wealthy country or poor one? Are you wealthy or poor? Why is this so?

Look around, read the headlines, and ask these questions. Dig deeper into the heart of the matter. We live in a world dominated by an elite that has concentrated power and control. The vast majority of us, more than 99% of us, we struggle to get by, we struggle to understand what is going on in our world and why we have so little control.

Layer upon layer of propaganda fills our daily routine everywhere we look. News is entertainment. Comedy is news. Technological change overwhelms us. Climate and environmental destruction, of our own making, continues and accelerates despite broad majority support for action to prevent it. There is that saying that says, what kind of sanity is it to be sane in an insane society. Knowing what we know scientifically about the dangers imposed by the pollution we generate today, on future generations of our children, there is no sanity in our continued unquestioning use of fossil fuels in our cars, heating our houses, powering our air-conditioners. There is a history here too. We've well known these dangers for many decades now and it is primarily the wealthy nations, that now dominate the world, that have caused the existential threat to our childrens future.

Who is on the front lines fighting to prevent this catastrophe? The poor, the dispossessed, aboriginal people around the world, lovers of the land, people that still feel their connection to nature and to future generations, those few remaining true humans, that recall their true place in the universe, reverent within it, caretakers and lovers of the greater reality that is nature. Elite power embodied in large multi-national corporations that through their gargantuan profits, that far exceed the financial power of national states, now control the world, control state governments, control policy decisions, and dictate the way we interpret the world through their control of media. Some recent news reports have explained that perhaps fewer than one hundred individual sit atop the corporate world controlling the vast majority of what passes for living. Democracy is dead when decisions can be bought and sold by these individuals. These elite individuals express their selfish, limited view of life, through multi-national corporations, legal representations of themselves that can never die, and that institutionally represent their limited view of life. This reality puts us on a path to destruction.

Only one power can overcome these elite individuals. Real democracy resides in the hearts of us, the 99%+ that, when we work together, in solidarity, for nature, for the future, for our children and generations yet to come, can topple the few at the top. Without our acceptance of the dictates of these few individuals atop the largest multi-nationals, their system crumbles. Our challenge is finding each other in a world that tries to keep us apart. It is so easy to pit one against "the other". Leveraging their control over society, elites, through their multi-nationals, use emotion in media, to terrify us, to distract us, to confuse us. We the people are all one. We are the same. We can overcome by re-connecting with each other, learning from each other, and re-taking control of the society we all share equally.


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Please read our Terms of Service which you agree to by using our services.