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Who is she

Who is she by my side

A free spirit I feel so deeply

Opening up my heart truthfully

Being who we really are

So much ourselves tangled up

Together we struggle for the core

So much connected, deep kisses

Eyes of blue, green reflecting the sky

Laying entwined, perfect curves

Soft white skin, pulsing with life

She makes me cry when I think

What does all this mean

That we two strangers have merged

For a time to explore each other

Inside that complex being of life

Fighting to understand ourselves 

So much for each other

And just when I think it is over

We go just a little deeper

Approaching the edge of what it means

To be together, alone and as one

We are free to be who we are

Brought to life by the other who sees

Hearing and feeling, sensing and knowing

Just how can we hold on to what we've got

As earth revolves, turning day into night

Then in the morning, that peaceful look

A face of perfection for the ages

So now maybe why has been left in the dreams

As sleepily we cuddle up close, leg over leg

Cheek to cheek, inhaling each others breath

Holding on tighter than ever

As if we weathered another storm

Sun shines again, skies open up clear

Dreamily we hold each other, we simply hold on

As another day gives us another chance

To live and fly together, building dreams

Out of the beautiful waste land all around us

We see a singing, dancing painting, poet

Digging further to find that ephemeral nature

Of the idea of some kind of meaning

For what is our purpose

Why do we awake to see that meaning

Deep in the eyes, behind those glorious eyes

Conscious of each other despite our selfish reality

We care and want to be cared for, dreamed of

Thought of like nothing else as if it matters

Creating all that we can

An idea, a thought, a dream of pure reality

For you inspire this in me.




Copyright © 2017 John Wilson




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Please read our Terms of Service which you agree to by using our services.