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When you open this pub again using this browser, you'll be returned to this page. When you move to the next page the bookmark will be moved to that page (if you move back the bookmark will remain on the furthest page to which you've read). By touching the bookmark you can set the bookmark to whichever page you are on.

More bookmark features coming soon.

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Originally posted by: John Wilson Apr 19, 2012
Last updated by: John Wilson Dec 9, 2012

Reader is the core reading web app built into every page here at Open iPub. Most of the iPub content is basic HTML, however, our Reader app turns web pages into a readable book, newspaper, magazine, textbook, app or elearning. Reader makes itself visible at the bottom and top of each page. You can tell Reader to hide or reappear when you are reading by clicking or touching on the page.

Tap the screen to hide and show the top navigation bar.

← Swipe to go to the next page.

Screen Navigation

Right and left margins, shown in green below, turn pages next and previous. The purple area is for swiping right and left for next and previous pages. Some books have content available by swiping up and down. Try both on this page.

Top Bar Buttons

library search, to find more pubs
table of contents or the first page, will do nothing if the publication doesn't have a table of contents
Open iPub iPub Reader main menu
Publisher tool, requires login
increase or decrease font size
bookmark the current page

← Swipe to go to the next page.

The bottom bar is designed to show you where you are in the current publication with a page number and percentage read indicator.

At the very bottom of the page are navigation buttons for moving to the first, previous, next and last pages of the current publication.

First Previous Next Last



Need more information and help with how the app works? Check out the Help publication.

Want to know more about Open iPub? Check out the About publication.


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Please read our Terms of Service which you agree to by using our services.


Please read our Terms of Service which you agree to by using our services.